Oil & Gas Division

 &GAS Offshore, but not out of reach



Offshore, but not out of reach

Oil and Gas division

ALFASHIP is fully aware of the substantial gap between the shipping business and Offshore Oil and Gas and our sense of responsibility towards our customers, it led us to separate different departments in the development of our activity as agents.


That is why Alfaship is proud to have a department specifically targeted to meet the needs of our customers demand industry Offshore O & G for several years.


This same sense of responsibility to our customers, led us to obtain the certificate TRACE also supports our reputation as a service provider with extensive experience serving leading companies worldwide in both Oil Rigs and OSV, AHTS, pipe layers and other vessels in the Offshore scene.


Logistics is a key part of our business and why ALFASHIP FORWARDING department is in direct coordination with ALFASHIP O & G division.


The team that makes up our division of O & G understands and knows the risks of material logistics and provide added control, surveillance, monitoring and security to it.


Every day the number of facilities from other sectors such as provisioning and repairs bring to the owners of the offshore sector and all the increase of volume of opportunities available in our ports increases, means greater coordination and control on our part.


Our goal is to engage and get involved as much as possible in the projects they want to make our customers and therefore offer all the means at our disposal to achieve the objective in the most effective way possible.


Knowing the importance of good coordination between the various companies that make up the final fabric of the planned project carried out, the provision Alfaship staff is always the best to work with everyone and get the best possible understanding.


Positivism that follows the team of people who form the department of offshore O & G makes the best efforts put and work hard so that together, we make possible marking the beginning of the target range.


TRACE certified reliable vendor with excellent reputation and wide experience of work for the world leading companies in offshore oil&gas industry.


Through our participation in many and major projects, we have gained a unique expertise in transport and logistics solutions for the offshore industry, including oil & gas. Core areas include base facilities, personnel, and logistics coordination of drilling equipment.



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 &GAS Offshore, but not out of reach