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Alfaship is a private and independent ship agency present on the Spanish market since 27 years now. Meanwhile the company placed itself amongst the most important and efficient on the ranking of the Spanish ship agents, with our own offices in Las Palmas, Tenerife, Barcelona, Tarragona, Huelva, Algeciras, Ceuta, Gibraltar, and Cartagena.


For the last twelve years we’ve been the undisputed leader in volume of traffic in Las Palmas and Tenerife ports, attending in 2015 only in this area 1600 calls. Our operations department in Canary Islands is a qualified team composed by twenty three experienced professionals, which guarantees a personalized real 24/7 manned monitoring. Prior, during, and after completion of vessels call our clients remain fully and punctually informed on all developments.


Alfaship is a best known brand when it comes to the assistance of bunker operations, husbandry services and underwater cleaning in the Canary Islands, for which we are the market leader since 12 years now. We have an excellent cooperation with all three physical suppliers coordinating for the smooth deliveries and shortening turnaround of vessels in port.


During last years, we have expanded to Gibraltar, Algeciras and Ceuta, so nowadays we offer top-notch assistance in all main bunkering points of the region.


    Our vision

    gives us a sense of direction and destination. It captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we do. It is the basis for what we stand for as a company.


    Our Values

    We live our Values every day, everywhere, collaborating for the benefit of our customers, investors, employees, communities and partners.



    We are open, honest, and accountable.


    Environment, Health & Safety

    We work safely, promote wellness, and protect the environment.



    We creatively transform ideas into value.



    We treat all people with dignity and provide a diverse, inclusive work environment.



    We relentlessly pursue outstanding and sustainable results.



    Statement on Safety, Health, Quality and Environment Commitment


    Through our commitment to safety, health and environmental excellence, we affirm to all our principals, our employees, customers, and the public, that we continuously work to deliver our services in most responsible way, without never compromising safety and strictly following rules.


    We implement those strategies that allow us to achieve our business targets bearing in mind environment and our employees’ health and safety.


    We adhere to the highest standards for the safe operation of facilities and the protection of our environment, our employees and our customers.




  • CoC

    Ethical guidelines

    The ALFASHIP Group’s employees, including suppliers, shall maintain high ethical standards and in this way promote the Group’s sustainable growth. The following areas are of particular importance for suppliers:


    Anti corruption

    It is forbidden to bribe or give unreasonable gifts to employees in the ALFASHIP Group or any other party acting on behalf of the ALFASHIP Group (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Employees”), or for suppliers to receive bribes or unreasonable gifts from third parties when representing the ALFASHIP Group. Offers to suppliers that could be regarded as a bribe shall be immediately reported to the General Manager of ALFASHIP.

    It is also not permitted to use consultants, agents or other intermediaries to channel bribes or gifts.


    Gifts and contributions from suppliers

    Suppliers shall not give Employees gifts of a not insignificant value or gifts that could be deemed to undermine the recipient’s integrity. A value shall be deemed to be “not insignificant” if it exceeds the non-taxable amount established by the relevant authorities.


    The Supplier shall not offer Employees loans, guarantees or other indirect credit in their own or immediate family’s name if the above are offered by virtue of the Employee’s association with the ALFASHIP Group. Discounts on purchases shall only be accepted if these are granted under part of an arrangement that generally applies for a larger unit, and possibly for everyone in the ALFASHIP Group.


    Employees shall report offers of gifts or other benefits from suppliers to the General Manager of ALFASHIP.


    No one may give contributions to political parties, organizations or other groupings or special interest groups on behalf of the ALFASHIP Group. The exceptions are sponsorships and charitable donations made on behalf of the ALFASHIP Group provided these are not used with the intention of circumventing the ALFASHIP Group’s zero tolerance policy for corruption.


    The employees of Alfaship, the supplier and third parties will comply with Spanish Law, U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act 2010.


    Antonio Castañeda

    General Manager









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